Brock Lesnar (left) has set his sights on Lance Armstrong’s notorious Tour De France streak.

Having just broken The Undertaker’s legendary winning streak at WrestleMania, professional wrestler Brock Lesnar is planning to topple cyclist Lance Armstrong’s record of winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles.

Lesnar shocked the world of professional wrestling when, contrary to practically all predictions, he brought a decisive end to the most vaunted tradition of WrestleMania.

Emboldened by the shocking victory, Lesnar claims he will now break the most famous streak in competitive cycling by winning the 3,200-kilometer race at least eight times.

Lesnar’s manager and smarmy mouthpiece, Paul Heyman, confirmed that the so-called “Beast Incarnate” has already begun a regimen of intense preparation — although he requires training wheels, never having learned how to ride a bike.

Armstrong’s Tour De France streak is a controversial one, given his later admission that he used anabolic steroids — a dishonest technique that Brock Lesnar has surely never, ever used. Ever.