Wrestling fans have become sick of Daniel Bryan’s championship run after less than a day.

Fans of professional wrestling have once again demonstrated their notoriously short attention spans by becoming unanimously bored with the championship reign of Daniel Bryan, which began yesterday.

Millions of fans were overjoyed — universally chanting “Yes” in jubilation — when Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Sunday night’s WrestleMania event.

But by the following morning, those same fans showed their increasingly fickle tastes by growing tired of the “scruffy-underdog-overcomes-the-odds” schtick.

Within 12 hours of Bryan’s much-celebrated victory, wrestling fans launched what has become known as the “No Movement.” Online wrestling forums are overflowing with comments calling for Bryan’s release from World Wrestling Entertainment because his title reign is “stale” and “boring.”

Wrestling fans are now universally calling for WWE to “push” under-appreciated wrestler Batista.