The Undertaker beaten by Brock Lesnar was the elusive impostor.

Fans of professional wrestling were shocked Sunday night when Brock Lesnar seemingly broke the WrestleMania winning streak of The Undertaker, but new information reveals that Lesnar actually defeated the elusive impostor Undertaker.

World Wrestling Entertainment announced in a press release today that Lesnar’s shocking victory was actually against the lookalike Undertaker, who was last seen in WWE during the summer of 1994.

Technically, the real Undertaker’s legendary winning streak at WrestleMania remains unbroken, because Lesnar defeated Brian Lee, who portrayed The Undertaker character when the real Undertaker vanished in the mid-1990s.

Lee’s resemblance to the Undertaker, despite the passage of 20 years since his last portrayal of the role, is nothing short of remarkable. He has shorn his hair into a peculiar mohawk, updated his tattoos (including getting “Sara” tattooed on his neck, then having it removed), and dyed his greying goatee black.

Lesnar was furious when he discovered he had beaten the lookalike, and expressed his anger by pounding on his chest, hooting furiously and snorting menacingly out of flared nostrils.

The real Undertaker is reportedly at home in Death Valley, pondering a run in TNA Wrestling.