lawler heart attack
Andy Kaufman’s ghost taunted Jerry Lawler back to life Monday.

During the terrifying moments when wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawler was clinically dead after suffering a heart attack on live TV Monday, the ghost of Andy Kaufman mockingly taunted him back to life.

“You’re not man enough to die, Lawler!” goaded the ethereal spirit of late comedian.

“You want to rassle me, Memphis-style, in the afterlife?! You wanna raaaassle me?! I’ve rassled the ghosts of children tougher than you!”

Kaufman, who feuded publicly with Lawler in the early 1980s before succumbing to cancer in 1986, adopted an exaggerated Tennessee accent while taunting Lawler in the iridescent blue tunnel leading toward Heaven.

Kaufman was clearly acting out of concern for the ailing Lawler, as the two were secretly friends during their controversial feud, which resulted in the unprecedented popularity of Memphis-area wrestling in the early-’80s.

As Lawler’s disembodied soul floated toward the eternal afterlife Monday, Kaufman continued his good-intentioned verbal assault:

“Get back down to earth and re-enter your body, and put on your silly crown,” Kaufman said, this time winking at his longtime friend. “You ain’t ready to rassle me in Heaven yet!”

Lawler’s soul then u-turned, re-entered his body and, just a few days later, Touted.