Brangelina and Lanusev — don’t ask us to distinguish which photo is which, because they’re practically identical.

The shocking breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — known collectively as Brangelina — has sparked rumours of which celebrity couple is doomed next: could it be Lanusev?

The gruelling toils of professional wrestling have shattered many a relationship, and the tumultuous history of Bulgarian power-couple Lana and Rusev suggests there could be trouble ahead.

Longevity is rare in pro wrestling romances, as evidenced by the split-ups of couples including:

  • Randeliziabeth
  • Hardita
  • McTest
  • ChynterHearstHelmsna
  • MaeHenry
  • AlWilsdawn
  • Santinamazon
  • Chilly (with Rico)
  • Edgerrero
  • Dustapphire
  • HarvthaFaeppleman

Some pundits are even predicting an impeding breakup for pro wrestling’s most adoring — and adorable — couple, ChrisvinOwicho.