Raw spoilers
This won’t end peacefully.

If you’re a wrestling fan who enjoys surprises, you’d better stop reading now, because a leaked script for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw reveals a huge spoiler!

OK, gossip-hound, are you ready?

Tonight’s Raw will include a talk show segment hosted by an arrogant narcissist who will bait his guest with indignant questions, quickly resulting in roughhousing and fisticuffs.

It is unclear which talk show segment will be involved — whether The Highlight Reel, The Ambrose Asylum, or the long-awaited return of The Brother Love Show — but it is certain that a chaotic brouhaha will result.

It is believed that the talk segment may be interrupted by a wrestler standing atop the entrance ramp, soliloquizing into a wireless microphone.

If a contract is to be signed during the segment, a table will indubitably be flipped and/or shattered. There is also a 73 percent chance someone’s face will be smushed into a cake.