no mercy
Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins will square off this Sunday, then have a rematch in the wee hours of Monday morning.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that its pay-per-view schedule will soon transition from biweekly to continuous, as the No Mercy event will begin immediately following the main event of Clash of Champions.

“The WWE Universe® demands more pay-per-views, so we are meeting that demand with what we call Ruthless Saturation® programming,” reads a press release issued this morning from the company’s Connecticut headquarters.

“We will sports-entertain the crap out of you.”

According to, the new pay-per-view schedule is as follows:

  • Clash of Champions, Sept. 25, 8pm EST
  • No Mercy, Sept. 25, 11pm EST
  • Hell in a Cell, Sept. 26, 2am EST
  • Survivor Series, Sept. 26, 5am EST
  • Clash of Survivors, Sept. 26, 8am EST
  • Money in the Bank, Sept. 26, 11am EST
  • Money in a Cell, Sept. 26, 2pm EST
  • TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs, Sept. 26, 5pm EST
  • TLCKSBKGM: Tables Ladders Chairs Kendo Sticks Brass Knuckles Green Mist, Sept. 26, 8pm EST
  • Roadblock, Sept. 26, 11pm EST
  • Chopblock, Sept. 27, 2am EST
  • Slapchop, Sept. 27, 5am EST
  • Time Permitting: WrestleMania, Sept. 27, 8am EST

The 24 remaining pay-per-views the month of September, and the remaining 808 pay-per-views of 2016, have not yet been named.