becky egg
Becky Lynch and her soon-to-be-hatched child.

The most talked-about angle in professional sports-entertaining in recent weeks is the shocking pregnancy of Becky Lynch, who will ==welcome her child into the world when it bursts free from a huge egg scheduled to hatch at Survivor Series. 

Pregnancy has always been a tricky phenomena for World Wrestling Entertainment, rarely resulting in the miracle of birth as humans typically know it. 

Octogenarian grappler Mae Young, for example, gave birth to a human hand after somehow becoming pregnant thanks to the world’s strongest nymphomaniac, Mark Henry. Lita was pregnant once but the baby was miscarried after Kane, who impregnated Lita against her will (?), collided her in a manner that was not Snitsky’s fault, despite his later punt of a lookalike baby. 

When Lynch announced her pregnancy on Raw two weeks ago  (or was that two years ago? Does time exist anymore?), questions abounded regarding the identity of the father — and we have five very educated guesses

But even we couldn’t have guest that the baby will emerge from a huge egg, which Lynch presumably laid somehow, though it seems to defy logic. 

Congratulations to Becky, to whoever the father is, and to the entire WWE roster if something goes wrong and they all get to enjoy a huge omelette instead. 

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