Professional sports-entertainer Edge (real name Stewart Copeland) was once one of WWE’s most spectacular performers, but sadly — like so many aging wrestlers clinging desperately to the limelight — he is a clumsy, slovenly shell of his former self. 

Although he now works weekdays slicing meat at the deli counter of Hutchison’s Convenience in Brampton, Edge somehow convinced WWE to allow him the stage upon which to reveal just how far the mighty have fallen. 

A beer-belly protruding over the waistband of his faded and stained tights, the sad self-parody reeked not of awesomeness, but of peach schnapps and failure. 

Despite being a top star during his WWE heyday, Edge spent his millions frivolously on speedboats (which featured in his ill-fated stint as a TV leading man on Lighting In Utopia (TBS, May 1998 to June 1998), on which he was frequently upstaged by a wisecracking cat named Reso. 

Fans have been brutally honest about Edge’s decrepit state, commenting online that he “really let himself go,” which of course is a subject in which wrestling fans are generally well versed. 


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