Batista wwe return
Batista will make his return to WWE as Drax.

After an underwhelming return to World Wrestling Entertainment in early 2014, Dave “Batista” Bautista has announced he will return again next week completely re-invented as Drax the Destroyer.

Realizing that WWE fans were are no longer interested in his “generic tattooed muscleman” gimmick, Batista’s next “run” in WWE will be under the guise of Drax, his character in the popular film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Performing as Drax will be a big departure for the wrestler-turned-actor-turned-wrestler-turned-actor-turned-wrestler, since Drax is a muscleman with scars instead of tattoos.

Batista admits he’s not looking forward to the four hours of daily make-up required to become Drax, but he says it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make to appease increasingly fickle fans:

“At least they won’t be making fun of my skinny jeans and blue ring gear,” he tweeted.

Instead of portraying a past-his-prime former WWE Superstar seeking to reclaim championship glory, as he did during his last WWE sojourn, Batista will now portray s semi-human warrior seeking revenge on the evil supervillain Thanos for killing his family.

Thanos, whom Batista/Drax is scheduled to face at WrestleMania 31, will be ably portrayed by Damien Sandow.