Seth Rollins hair
WWE Superstar Seth Rollins no longer needs to be embarrassed about the skunklike streak in his hair.

After months of embarrassment over a botched dye-job, professional wrestler Seth Rollins has finally located the rest the dye required to make himself a full-fledged, glamorous blonde.

Since arriving in WWE as part of The Shield nearly two years ago, Rollins has suffered from low self-confidence due to his hair, which bore a peculiar skunk-like streak ever since┬áhe misplaced his bottle of Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Born Blonde dye.

He was only a quarter of a way through the bottle when he misplaced it, and the notoriously frugal wrestler refused to buy another bottle knowing that he’d locate the first one eventually.

It turned out that the bottle was hidden under a pile of SWAT team uniforms he no longer wears.

Rollins said he now feels “absolutely fabulous” with his belatedly complete hairdo, and insists that “blondes do indeed have more fun.”

He reportedly had enough dye left over to help Yoshi Tatsu remedy a similar problem.

To ensure he never misplaces his hair dye again, Rollins intends to carry it around in the metal briefcase that rarely leaves his grasp.