Ryabck goldberg
Ryback was stunned and saddened when a group of razor-sharp wrestling fans mocked his resemblance to Bill Goldberg.

Professional wrestler Ryback got quite the surprise yesterday when an arena full of quick-witted WWE fans collectively remarked on the wrestler’s resemblance to former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg.

“Gooollld-berrrrrg,” the inventive fans chanted in unison at last night’s WWE live event in Des Moines, “Gooollld-berrrrrg!”

Ryback was immediately thrown off his game by the chant, and angrily stomped about the ring with his ears covered, since he had never before endured such a concise and scathing verbal jab from fans.

The group of young men who initiated the chat congratulated each other with high-fives, though it’s unclear excatly which one of them possesses the Ocsar Wilde-ish rapier wit required to formulate such a devastating, original zinger.

Ryback was so profoundly enraged and distracted by the chant, he suffered a clean roll-up pinfall loss to opponent Tyson Kidd in the opening bout of the evening.

Later in the locker room, once his tears had dried, Ryback said: “I never noticed it before, but I guess I do bear a passing resemblance to Goldberg. But golly, the fans don’t have to be so mean about it.”

Those same fans displayed their superior talents for witty repartee later in the card by shouting in unison the word “WHAT?!” during another wrestler’s in-ring speech.