CM Punk art of wrestling
CM Punk (right) committed several glaring sins of omission on the podcast hosted by Colt Cabana (right).

Almost a full year after his abrupt departure from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), caustic entertainer CM Punk broke his silence this week on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast, divulging the numerous reasons behind his acrimonious egress.

Punk explained his growing resentment with WWE’s creative and booking processes, his tense relationship with COO Triple H, and the pain he endured from multiple injuries he claims were not properly addressed by WWE’s medical experts.

Punk’s tell-all revelations sent the “Art of Wrestling” to the top of the podcast charts, and caused enormous buzz among the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), but few fans have pointed out the glaring omissions from Punk’s diatribe.

Perhaps more illuminating than what Punk did say is what he didn’t say.

There is much to learn about Punk from an examination of his “sins of omission” on the podcast.

Five Important Things CM Punk Failed To Mention on the Art of Wrestling Podcast

5. Crisis in the Middle East

The Islamic State has carved a swath of brutality and intolerance across Iraq and Syria in its jihadist campaign to establish an independent Islamic caliphate, but Punk completely failed to even mention this complex, multi-layered socio-political issue. Way to go, Punk. Once a quitter, always a quitter.

4. Riots in Ferguson

The flames of racial intolerance in America have once again been fanned by the acquittal of a white police officer in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, as riots and looting have overtaken a Missouri town. Did Punk propose even a single solution to America’s deepening racial divide? Nope. You could say he “walked out” of that important issue. Quitter.

3. The Next Mass Extinction

The decline of various animal populations and species loss are occurring at alarming rates on Earth, contributing to the world’s sixth mass extinction, as reported recently by a team of Stanford scientists in the journal Nature. Did CM Punk suggest any means by which we might avert this impending global catastrophe?  Nope. Guess he was too busy smooching AJ Lee. Jerk.

2. The Quantum Technological Revolution

Scientists now have the ability to harness the counterintuitive phenomena of the quantum realm to develop computers of unprecedented power, which could break all current encryption protocols on the internet. Did Punk even begin to propose a means for quantum-safe encryption? He didn’t. He yammered about beef with The Miz. Go drink your Pepsi and keep burying the truth, Quitty McQuitterson.

1. The Absence of Mordecai from the WWE Hall of Fame

Really, Punk? Are you part of the conspiracy too? How deep does this go?!