CM Punk colt cabana
CM Punk’s vociferous denials of a WWE return are “proof positive” of a WWE return, according to some guy on Twitter.

CM Punk’s long-awaited return to World Wrestling Entertainment is reportedly “imminent,” despite adamant statements to the contrary made recently by CM Punk.

According to an article published today on Bleacher Report, the brash performer will be back in WWE in time to “begin a program with Ryback to culmanate (sic) at WrestleMania,” even though Punk himself has expressed a profound distaste for both Ryback and the professional wrestling industry as a whole.

During  a recent appearance on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast, Punk unequivocally stated that his wrestling days are behind him, which has led the majority of wrestling pundits to proclaim that wrestling days are ahead of him.

Punk’s vehement insistance that he is finished with wrestling “is a tacit admission of his impending return,” according to a presumably well-researched and fact-checked article published today on

“It’s clearly a swerve,” insists the article, adding that Punk “wouldn’t sound so adamant about not coming back if he weren’t actually coming back.”

According to “reliable sources” close to Punk, he secretly can’t wait to get back to WWE because he desperately misses “bringing smiles to the faces of the WWE Universe.”