The Funkasaurus rampages through Jurassic World, desperately trying to call its momma.

Amid much internet buzz and speculation, a leaked script from Steven Spielberg’s upcoming blockbuster Jurassic World reveals that the mysterious new dinosaur created for the film is a Funkasaurus.

According to the script, the DNA from which the dinosaur is created in the lab is “extracted from clay,” which is the first hint at its identity as none other than former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Brodus Clay.

The official trailer for the film reveals that the genetically modified hybrid dinosaur escapes from its enclosure and runs amok in a theme park, periodically taking a break from eating people to dance to James Brown-inspired funk music.

In one scene from the trailer, a terrified onlooker, seeing the prehistoric beast charging toward a packed crowd of spectators, screams: “Run for your lives — it’s on a roll!”

The Funkasaurus — notable for its immense midsection and peculiarly shaped head — constantly emits a horrifying shriek, which a sexy paleontologist realizes is merely the beast’s panicked attempt to call its momma.

Leaked production photos reveal that the film also contains Funkadactyls, but they play only marginal roles and do not advance the plot.


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