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You won’t believe what CM Punk looks like now

CM Punk now

A recent picture of CM Punk shows his “bulked up” frame.

Former professional wrestler and mixed martial artist CM Punk has kept a low profile since his UFC debut last September, and a recent photo indicates he has relaxed his diet and workout regimen. 

Punk, who has only lost one fight since debuting in UFC, seems determined to compete as a super-heavyweight, given that he has ballooned from a lean 218 pounds to a doughy 297. 

Sources close to Punk reveal he has given up cardiovascular training, choosing instead a regimen of Chicago deep-dish pizza, corn dogs, and — in a break from his straight-edge lifestyle — six-packs of Guinness. 

Punk has become a polarizing figure ever since his acrimonious departure from World Wrestling Entertainment, and speculation abounds that he has been coping with criticism via “emotional eating.”

Punk has reportedly consume in excess of 200 ice cream bars and other treats, but he has still refrained from even a nibble of humble pie. 




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