James comey testimony
Ousted FBI head James Comey says America is being held hostage by the Koloffs and other Russian forces.

During his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, ousted FBI head James Comey confirmed widespread suspicions that Russians interfered in the 1986 The Great American Bash. 

Comey, who was fired by WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump in yet another epic heel swerve, testified that Ivan and Nikita Koloff repeatedly attacked NWA US Champion Magnum T.A., putting the American hero at a great disadvantage. 

The nefarious Russians, according to Comey, went so far as to berate Magnum’s mother during an in-ring contract signing, resulting in a violent melee (the only recorded instance in pro wrestling history in which a contract-signing failed to go smoothly). 

Comey also revealed that the final match of the best-of-seven series between Nikita Koloff and Magnum T.A. was interrupted by Russian sympathizer Krusher Kkruschev. 

Other shocking revelations in Comey’s testimony:

  • President Trump has requested that all immigrants from Parts Unknown be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails were almost entirely from the Anonymous Raw General Manager
  • The Montreal Screwjob was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese 

Speculation abounds about the Russian spy that Comey has simply described as “ravishing.”