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Spanish announce table rolls out of the way

Spanish announce table

Ryback is powerbombed to the ringside floor after the Spanish announce table makes a last-second escape.

After years of chronic abuse, World Wrestling Entertainment’s Spanish announce table stunningly avoided destruction by rolling out of the way of a wrestler’s falling body.

At the last second before Ryback was to be triple-powerbombed through the table by the Shield at a recent Smackdown taping, the table somehow rolled slightly to the left, avoiding the collision entirely.

The shocking reversal marked the first act of self-defense ever attempted by the Spanish announce table, which has been destroyed an approximated 8,350 times to date.

The Spanish commentary team insists they did not push the table, but that the supposedly inanimate object acted entirely out of some desperate sense of self-preservation.

It has been speculated that, after decades of “seeing” countless wrestlers avoid top-rope attacks by rolling out of the way, the table somehow “learned” the technique via osmosis.

Commentator Michael Cole, never one to miss the opportunity for a bad pun, exclaimed: “The tables have suddenly turned!”

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