CM Punk stuns gullible dupes by “walking out” of WWE.

Although they should know better by now, millions of gullible wrestling fans worldwide have fallen for the hokey premise that popular WWE superstar CM Punk has “walked out” on the company.

The so-called Internet Wrestling Community (or IWC) was abuzz this week with the “news” that a fed-up Punk had defiantly no-showed several WWE events, putting his career in jeopardy.

Credulous fans, or “marks,” seem to be willfully forgetting that CM Punk has “walked out” on WWE before, only to return barely a week later — a captivating bit of showbiz razzle-dazzle that resulted in good television ratings.

Punk’s most recent walk-out bears all the hallmarks of a “work” perpetrated by his onscreen character — an anti-authority vigilante who refuses to play by corporate rules.

But although his behavior is perfectly cohesive with the role he plays on television, and will serve as compelling fodder for a storyline on the so-called Road to WrestleMania, many fans credulously believe it somehow reflects real life.

In related news, many fans are very concerned that the McMahon limo bomber is still on the loose.


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