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Reformed 3MB to feature Glenn Jacobs as Fake Drew McIntyre

3mb reunion

WWE executives are hoping most fans won’t notice the difference between the original Drew McIntyre and his replacement.

The recent return of Jinder Mahal to World Wrestling Entertainment sparked rumors of a 3MB reunion — rumors that are reportedly set to come true this Monday when Glenn Jacobs assumes the role of Fake Drew McIntyre.

Jacobs is pro wrestling’s most versatile chameleon, having portrayed characters as widely varied as Kane, Isaac Yankem, Fake Diesel, Mr. America, and The Giant Machine.

Jacobs has reportedly been slimming down for the new role, as well as honing his Scottish accent.

The disbanding of 3MB in 2013 is widely considered the worst decision ever made by WWE brass, surpassing even the McMahon limo bombing, the Katie Vick angle, and Donald Trump’s WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Although the real McIntyre was reportedly asked to rejoin the group, he insisted he is staying with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling because “it will topple WWE any day now.”

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