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Lesnar vows to conquer Undertaker’s seven-year, no-match SummerSlam streak

Summerslam Undertaker

The Undertaker’s legendary no-show streak at SummerSlam will, by definition, come to an end at SummerSlam.

The ever-escalating rivalry between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker boiled over today after Lesnar vowed to conquer the Deadman’s legendary seven-year “streak” of not competing at SummerSlam.

Lesnar’s advocate and husband Paul Heyman issued a statement at a press conference this morning, assuring fans that “my client, Burrock Lesnarrghh, will be the ‘one’ in ‘zero and one.'”

The Undertaker’s seven-year no-match streak at SummerSlam is one of the most revered traditions in sports entertainment, though slightly less popular than his WrestleMania winning streak, which Lesnar conquered in 2014.

“Once the bell rings to start the match, the streak is over,” Heyman said emphatically, eyes bulging and chins a-waggling.

The match — dubbed Streak vs. Shriek (referring to the pterodactyl shriek that has become Lesnar’s signature vocalization) — is expected to end quickly after the wrestlers are pulled apart by the rest of the WWE roster.

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