Despite speaking out against lion-killing dentist Walter Palmer, Isaac Yankem reportedly has a history of violence against a British Bulldog.

Respected dentist and former professional wrestler Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS has spoken out against Walter Palmer, the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, calling the big-game hunter “a disgrace to dentistry.”

“This disgusting murderer sullies the reputation of dental professionals everywhere,” Yankem said this morning at a press conference held by the American Society of Grappling Dentists, of which he is chairman and sole member.

“I speak on behalf of dentists everywhere in condemnation of cruel and wanton acts of violence against animals,” he said.

“Cruel and wanton acts of violence against people is, of course, totally fine,” he added, a sadistic grin unveiling his own gnarled teeth.

Despite Yankem’s harsh criticism of the notorious lion hunter, however, it has been revealed that, during his brief tenure in World Wrestling Federation, he committed acts of violence against a British Bulldog.

According to confidential documents obtained by Kayfabe News, Yankem allegedly also has a history of pyromania and necrophilia.