After months of mounting frustration over perceived mistreatment and corporate favoritism at his local Applebee’s, professional wrestler CM Punk abruptly “walked out” of the family eatery today, leaving many to wonder if he will ever dine there again.

Even though he had already committed to a triple-chocolate cheesecake for dessert, Punk stormed out of the restaurant, citing a veritable laundry list of grievances against the franchise.

According to sources close to Punk, he feels he has been routinely disrespected and undervalued by the company, despite years of loyalty and generous tipping.

Punk reportedly believes he has earned his so-called “spot” at the nice window booth near the jukebox, and is tired of seeing infrequent customers getting priority over him.

Applebee’s CEO Victor McManus said he is “disappointed, quite frankly” by Punk’s impromptu protest, and says the wrestler may not be welcome back for the restaurants April 6 “Wings-a-Mania” half-price special.

Punk’s behavior is not entirely without precedent, however, as the brash and opinionated wrestler “walked out” on the restaurant in 2011 (taking a souvenir placemat with him), only to return a week later.

Some skeptical fans believe Punk and Applebee’s are secretly in cahoots to drum up publicity for the Wings-A-Mania event.


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