WWE has officially closed down in honor of its anti-bullying stance.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) shocked fans worldwide today with the announcement that the sports entertainment company will cease operations in accordance with its own anti-bullying stance.

“Effective immediately, WWE will ‘Be A Star’ by discontinuing all television, pay-per-view, and live event programming,” said a press release issued this morning, referring to the company’s anti-bullying campaign.

“We cannot in good conscience continue to operate a professional wrestling organization while espousing a philosophy against bullying.”

In the press release, the company stated that “professional wrestling and bullying are essentially synonymous,” since both involve name-calling, threats, and the assertion of dominance through physical violence.

WWE mogul Vince McMahon announced that all WWE personnel, from on-air talent to administrative staff, would be laid off as part of a “profound statement against bullying.”

Contacted for comment by Kayfabe News, McMahon said it would be “quite frankly hypocritical” to continue business as usual, given that “bullying has been, for decades, best for business.”

McMahon added that fans who already have tickets to cancelled WWE events will, regrettably, receive no refunds.


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