Randy orton dump
Randy Orton pretends his luggage doesn’t have poop in it.

Professional wrestler Randy Orton was the unwitting victim of his own practical joke, or “rib,” when he realized he had accidentally defecated in his own gym bag.

Orton had intended to “drop a steamer,” as he phrased it, in the luggage of a rookie Diva whom he felt had not paid him the proper respect.

His trademark swagger quickly turned to dejected shame, however, when he realized that he had voided his bowels in his own luggage, which is of similar make and color to the Diva’s.

“Oh, for crying out loud,” Orton sighed, his steely eyes fixed on the dollop of excrement sitting atop his own neatly folded suit jacket.

It was the first time the cruel “rib” had backfired on Orton, after allegedly pulling the prank on a number of prior occasions.

Orton has decided to discontinue the prank, having discovered first-hand that it’s a total dick move.


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