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Elderly King Divides Realm Among Children, Tragedy Ensues

King Lear WWE

In a tale of greed, avarice and betrayal, King Vincent descends into madness at the hands of his children.

Descending deeper into madness and senility, the elderly King Vincent of Stamfordia has bequeathed his kingdom among his two grown children, Stephania and Shaneril.

King Vincent’s plan is to bestow the largest piece of his kingdom, the Court of Raw, upon the child whom professes their love for him most strongly (confident that his youngest, Stephania, will win the challenge).

What King Vincent does not anticipate, however, is the depths of deceit to which Shaneril (and his mother, Lady Lindalia) will stoop to usurp the throne.

When Vincent’s dear friend, the Earl of Trump, tries to speak on Stephania’s behalf, Vincent banishes him from the kingdom — and the King’s spiral into sorrow and madness quickens.

“Who is it who can tell me who I am?” sayeth Vincent in his final soliloquy.

“I am a man more sinned against than sinning. But lo, did Shaneril screw Vincent? Nay, Vincent screweth Vincent.”

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