wrestling payback
This man loves pro wrestling so much, he’ll even watch Payback in its entirety.

You might consider yourself a serious wrestling fan, but you’ve got nothing on self-described “superfan” Tyler Bullock of Cleveland, who plans to watch tonight’s Payback event almost in its entirety!

That’s right, 27-year-old Bullock is such a WWE devotee that he intends to stay awake until nearly 11pm EDT watching the event, despite already knowing that Roman Reigns will surely retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship by defeating AJ Styles.

Whereas most wrestling fans will zone out during Ryback-versus-Kalisto, and will likely catch a little shut-eye during Jericho-versus-Ambrose, Bullock says he will only mindlessly surf Facebook for a maximum of 15 minutes!

Even more incredible, Bullock routinely watches all three hours of Raw every Monday — a feat most wrestling fans abandoned sometime around when Bob Barker guest-hosted.