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Get ready for your weekly installments of comic genius with the ongoing madcap adventures of Sami Zayn and the Lashley sisters.

Due to overwhelming demand following their unanimously beloved segment on Monday Night Raw, Sami Zayn and the sisters of Bobby Lashley will entertain millions of fans on a weekly basis with their upcoming spinoff show on the WWE Network, tentatively titled Zany Sami & The Lashley Sisterhood.

Raw achieved its highest ratings since the pinnacle of the so-called Monday Night War this week when Zayn invited Lashley’s sisters to the ring, but fans were surprised and amazed to see — get this — men dressed up in women’s clothing!

The hilarity continued when the crossdressing men told fictional tales of bullying and abuse they suffered at the hands of their brother, because bullying and familial abuse are comedy gold!

Did we mention that one of the “sisters” had… wait for it… a moustache? That’s the kind of razor-sharp comedic stylings fans can expect from Zany Sami & The Lashley Sisterhood, which is scheduled to debut June 1 with an episode called “Fake Lashleys Wearing Fake Lashes.”

To maintain the rapier wit and thought-provoking plotlines fans have come to expect from Zayn and the sisters, WWE has reportedly hired as head writer for the show a seven-year-old boy who just learned the word “fartknocker.”


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