smackdown foxWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has reportedly reached a deal to air its “Smackdown LIVE” program on Fox, which would make the weekly sports-entertainment show the most reliably believable and enlightening programming on the network.

SmackDown live features a cast of outlandish, larger-than-life characters performing implausibly elaborate pantomimes of simulated combat — which will make it the most intellectually demanding show ever offered to Fox viewers.

Tomorrow morning’s edition of “Fox and Friends” is expected to have a full report on the transaction, followed by a long segment supporting President Donald Trump’s new assertion that there are reasonable arguments “on both sides” of the Flat Earth debate.

SmackDown LIVE airs every Tuesday, garnering an average viewership of 2.59 million, which surpasses even Fox’s blockbuster 2017 documentary exposing reptilian alien DNA in the Clinton bloodline.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Fox and WWE have agreed in principle to a five-year deal valued at $1 billion, which will be delivered via dump truck to Vince McMahon’s Connecticut castle.


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