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WWE “revolutionized” women’s wrestling following several previous revolutions.

Fans of professional wrestling have been abuzz ever since the announcement of WWE’s upcoming Evolution pay-per-view, which will make history by being the first all-women’s pay-per-view, as long as you pretend it hasn’t been done by a bunch of other promotions.

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“At WWE Evolution, the women of WWE will make history,” said WWE COO Hunter Hearst Helmsley, “albeit a kind of revisionist history that ignores TNA’s Knockouts Knockdown in 2013.”

WWE Evolution, to be held at New York’s Nassau Coliseum on October 28, will be “an unprecedented, groundbreaking event in women’s wrestling,” added Helmsley, who failed to mention the four seasons of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W) that aired in the 1980s.

The entire WWE roster assembled on the Raw stage on July 23 to hear the “most important announcement in the history of ever” (according to WWE’s website), and applauded enthusiastically to learn that WWE will do what Shimmer has been doing for a dozen years.

Helmsley said the event will be “completely revolutionary to wrestling worldwide” — a statement that may spark rebuttal from promoters and athletes of All-Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, Stardom, Pro Wrestling Wave, Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling, Lucha Libre Feminil, Women Wrestling Stars, Bellatrix Female Warriors, British Bombshells, Shine Wrestling, Wrestlicious, Extreme Women’s Wrestling, and several dozen other organizations.



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