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Dean Ambrose instantly regretted being talked into getting a haircut at a bargain chain.

Professional sports entertainer Dean Ambrose says he warned his mother, Delores Ambrose, that “all the other wrestlers would make fun” of him if he got a haircut at Supercuts, but she insisted on going to the bargain barber chain anyway.

Ambrose was visibly sulky and self-conscious last night when he made a surprise return to WWE Monday Night Raw, and said his fellow Shield “brothers” poked fun at his hastily clippered hairdo backstage.

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His mother was not sympathetic: “If they were laughing you don’t need them, ’cause they’re not good friends.”

Ambrose built his reputation as the “Lunatic Fringe” by wearing his hair in a sloppy mop that dripped onto his “wifebeater” tank-top, but his newly shorn coif evokes less a sense of lunacy as the image of a Best Buy phone salesperson.

Ambrose says that, from now on, he will only get haircuts from a barber recommended by several of his colleagues, named Brutus.


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