This is totally the photo we’ll use if WWE gets sold.

The world of professional sports-entertaining saw a seismic shift today World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was purchased by ESPN — this will totally be our lead (or “lede”) if/when this happens. 

The sale, estimated to be valued at $53.3 trillion, means that the McMahon family no longer holds a stranglehold on the wrestling industry — that’d be a good second line. 

Anyone know if this sale has happened? My buddy’s brother’s coworker is Facebook friends with The Blue Meanie, and he posted a link to a story by Brad Shepherd saying the sale was a “done deal,” so it seems locked? 

We should probably confirm via a second reliable source, like Meltzer or Val Venis. That’s the kind of fact-checking that makes Kayfabe News the world’s most reliable source of wrestling news. 

UPDATE, APR. 29, 5:26pm ET: No official word yet. We will keep you posted as this story develops. 

UPDATE, APR. 29, 5:45pm ET: Still nada. Might make nachos. BRB. We will keep you posted blah blah. 





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