Vince McMahon, the demented madman who has ruled over professional wrestling for most of the past half-century, has reportedly been under the weather, and family members tell Kayfabe News that he’s gonna, he’s gonna, heeeee’s gonna, he’s gonna puke. 

McMahon was reportedly in his palatial office, high atop Titan Tower, when he began to feel nauseous. 

He then grabbed a plastic garbage pail from beneath his desk and began silently heaving for a few moments, murmuring that he might need to throw up. 

When no vomit was forthcoming, however, McMahon began to egg himself on, screaming “I’m gonna, I’m gonna, IIIIIIIII’mmmm gonnnna, I’m gonna puke.”

Sources close to McMahon say the whole scene was quite regrettable in hindsight. 



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