sami el generico
Sami Zayn will make his main-roster debut under the name El Specifico.

World Wrestling Entertainment is reportedly preparing to give rookie performer Sami Zayn a “major push” on the main roster, but only after the company repackages him as a masked luchador named El Specifico.

For his main-roster debut next month, Zayn will assume the role of El Specifico, The Highly Specific Luchador.

Unlike other luchadors (Mexican masked wrestlers), El Specifico will have one-of-a-kind traits, like speaking with a slight French-Canadian accent.

Zayn has shown a remarkable degree of talent in WWE’s  “developmental” league, NXT, despite never having wrestled before being recruited earlier this year.

“The kid seems to have a natural gift for wrestling,” says Steve Keirn, head trainer at NXT.

“It’s almost as if he has wrestled before under some kind of secret identity.”

Zayn denies such allegations, and claims he is puzzled as to why fans keep chanting “Ole!” during his matches.