eater of worlds
Bray Wyatt says he is much happier now that he stopped eating worlds and is less husky.

Professional wrestler and redneck cult leader Bray Wyatt has lost weight and trimmed his waistline since cutting worlds out of his diet.

Wyatt, whose inbred “family” has been terrorizing World Wrestling Entertainment for weeks, admitted his body was getting “a little husky” from eating too many worlds, which are high in calories and carbs.

“Yeah, I was a real eater of worlds for a while there,” said Wyatt, in an uncharacteristically non-cryptic way.

“Now I’m mainly an eater of salads, but I still do enjoy a world on my ‘cheat day.'”

Wyatt lost 20 pounds in the past two months, and hopes to be performing moonsaults any day now.

Wyatt has also increased his cardiovascular conditioning, having realized that he was spending far too much time just sitting in a rocking chair.