World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has drawn criticism this week from pundits and fans who feel the company has gone “woke” by banning 15 purportedly “offensive” terms from its official lexicon. 

Here’s the full list, which was leaked to Kayfabe News by a source who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as Jinder M. 

Banned term: Western Lariat. Reason: The word “Western” shows implicit bias toward eurocentric value systems and colonialism. Suggested replacement: “Decolonized Lariat.”

Banned term: Camel Clutch. Reason: It implies violence against animals, and reinforces negative stereotypes about the Middle East. Suggested replacement: “The Humble Maker.”

Banned term: Irish Whip. Reason: The name incorrectly attributes the maneuver to Ireland, even though archeological digs in Egypt trace the origins of the move more than 20,000 years. Suggested replacement: “Cool Whip.”

Banned term: Monkey Flip. Reason: Implies animal violence. Suggested replacement: “Flipsy-doodle.”

Banned term: Russian Leg Sweep. Reason: Screw Russia. Suggested replacement: “Zelenskyy Sweep.” 

Banned term: Head Butt. Reason: Concerned parents lobbied against the word “butt” and advertisers are getting jittery. Suggested replacement: “Nogginbonk.”

Banned term: Shining Wizard. Reason: Other concerned parents lobbied against the word “Wizard” because it “implies black magic and Satanism” and advertisers are getting jittery. Suggest replacement: “Shiny Kick”

Banned term: Superman Punch. Reason: Non-inclusive. Suggested replacement: “Superperson Punch.”

Banned term: Corkscrew Splash. Reason: It glorifies drinking. Suggested replacement: “Freshwater Splash”

Banned term: Frog Splash. Reason: Implies violence among amphibians. Suggested replacement: “Eddie Splash.”

Banned term: Mexican Surfboard. Reason: The term fails to acknowledge the rich history of the entire Latinx diaspora, well beyond just Mexico, in the creation of the maneuver. Suggested replacement: “Inclusivity Surfboard.”

Banned term: Lumberjack Match. Reason: It glorifies deforestation. Suggested replacement: “Green Energy Innovators Match.”

Banned term: Bear Hug. Reason: the term is a painful reminder of pro wrestling’s dark history of oppression and objectification of the bear community in matches. Suggested replacement: “Big Squeeze.” 

Banned term: Ring Apron. Reason: The word “apron” is associated with traditional gender norms, and aprons have long been marketed largely toward women. The term apron is, therefore, antithetical to positive progress. Suggested replacement: “Ring Bib.”

Banned term: WrestleMania. Reason: The word “mania” is an outdated and offensive term referring to mental health distress, and the term itself may trigger trauma. Suggested replacement: “Sports Entertainmentpalooza.”

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