Ticket prices are getting more expensive for all kinds of entertainment events, but World Wrestling Entertainment will likely set new records by charging $2,167,414.86 USD per ringside seat to the 40th edition of its annual WrestleMania spectacular. 

While the ticket prices are steep, WWE is promoting them as “a bargain” because they come with a “free” chair adorned with promotional imagery from the event.

Tickets went on sale this morning and were quickly snapped up primarily by business tycoons, Saudi oil barons, and the usual ringside regulars (who are actually paid actors). 

Those with more limited financial means can sit in the so-called nosebleeds of the venue — The New Orleans Silverdome — for the comparatively low prices of $9,500 to $98,00o apiece. 

Fans who buy ringside seats will also be treated to an “exclusive” offer of getting the new digital trading cards of WWE Hall of Famer and former US “president” Donald Trump at a discounted rate of 5% off. 

An added “convenience fee” of $6,734.82 is automatically added to all tickets, along with a $1,932.83 “sucker fee.”

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