wrestlemania sign
The Fastlane sign gives wrestlers like Curtis Axel something to point at.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has begun hanging a massive sign at live events for Fastlane — a second-tier, lower-profile pay-per-view — to become something to point at for second-tier, lower-profile sports-entertainers.

Pointing at the WrestleMania sign has become a time-honored tradition among top WWE stars, but is rarely done by mid-carders, jobbers, and/or ham-and-eggers.

“The curtain-jerkers and jabronis of WWE are free to point at the Fastlane sign all they want,” a WWE spokesperson said this morning. “Mind you, pointing at the sign doesn’t guarantee they’ll get a match at Fastlane — pre-show, maybe — but they really do seem to enjoy pointing at it.”

At a WWE Live event last night in Tallahassee, Curt Hawkins pointed at the Fastlane sign no fewer than nine times, and Heath Slater spent four consecutive minutes pointing at it while screaming that he has “got kids.”

Zack Ryder, meanwhile, is hoping someone will hang a SmackDown sign so he can point at it and get maybe back on TV.


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