slammyThe Slammy Awards burst into the contemporary zeitgeist with the televising of the 37th annual instalment of the award ceremony in 1987, but the first 36 years of Slammys were presumed lost forever — until now. 

Fans can now stream every Slammy Award show on the WWE Network, from the very “Inaugural Slammy Award Presentation Gala” (1950) to the 25th Anniversary Slammys in 1975, where Bruno Sammartino performed a cover of Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally. 

Among the incredible Slammy moments of yesteryear that fans can now re-live: 

  • The melee at the 31st Slammy Awards, when SD “Special Delivery” Jones clobbered Moondog Spot with a chair during an ensemble performance of Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave
  • The hilarious moment at the 2006 Slammy Awards when CM Punk, sick with the flu, pooped his tuxedo onstage
  • The beautiful speech by Hillbilly Jim that spanned the 32nd, 33rd, and 34th annual Slammy Awards
  • The 2002 Slammy performance by Vince McMahon of the single “Whatta Maneuver,” which failed to achieve the chart-topping success of Stand Back years earlier
  • The profanity-laden 1998 rant by the Iron Sheik after he lost the Best Male Vocalist award to Randy Savage, who performed a note-perfect rendition of the opera La Boheme by Puccini.

All the the Slammy Award programs were directed by Kaye Fabe, who is now the curator and facility manager at the beautiful WWE Hall of Fame, which is currently closed due to the pandemic and also due to its nonexistence. 


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