In a time when “alternative facts” and “fake news” have created mass confusion and delusions, isn’t it comforting to know you can rely on Kayfabe News every year for the most respected, trustworthy journalism in sports entertainment. 

We brought you exclusive headlines throughout 2020, from the infamous “RKO outta nowhere” of January to the unforgettable broken Spanish announce table last week at WWE Backsplash. 

Kayfabe News averaged 2.1 billion pageviews a day in 2020, making it our 19th-most popular year yet. Here are some of the headlines from 2020 that were literally hard to believe. 

The Mortician Debuts in Impact Wrestling


Mexican wrestlers abandon mask-wearing after realizing their freedom was being trampled


Wrestler allowed to continue match after being decapitated


Foley Admits Cell Fall Was Totally Fake


Here are next season’s episodes of “Dark Side of the Ring.”

Slapjack’s backpack packed for Payback

Young Bucks to WWE! 


Val Venis is Hilariously Out-to-Lunch Nowadays


8 rare, never-before-seen photos of WWE boss Vince McMahon



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