cauliflower thigh
It will be a long time before WWE fans forget the time Daniel Bryan was hospitalized with critical cauliflower thigh.

Doctors and trainers with World Wrestling Entertainment are reportedly “surprised” by the results of recent physical examinations of its performers: particularly a sudden drop in cases of so-called cauliflower thigh. 

The condition — a lumpy calcification on the outer thigh, typically suffered by wrestlers who employ many kicks, for some reason — has plagued sports entertainment for much of the past two decades. 

For reasons not fully understood by science, many WWE performers ceased being afflicted with cauliflower thigh sometime in early 2021, although the condition is lingers among some younger performers who have essentially grown up with knowing only sore thighs. 

Sadly, cauliflower thigh still affects an estimated eight out of every 10 professional wrestlers “working” today. Although cases have dropped in WWE, they have skyrocketed in AEW and in all independent promotions. 

It is unclear why only WWE wrestlers are affected, such as when, practically overnight, they suddenly and inexplicably stopped sustaining small gashes just under the hairline.

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