undertaker aew
AEW wrestlers have never seen anything quite like the so-called Undeadman.

Although WWE’s legendary Undertaker character is officially retired, the man who portrayed the so-called deadman, Mark Calaway, is ready to get back into the ring after signing a 10-match deal with AEW (American Extreme Wrestling). 

Calaway will debut a new persona called The Mortician — a ghoulish entity seemingly impervious to pain, who demolishes opponents with his patented Gravestone piledriver. 

According to one backstage source, who asked to be identified only as Kenny O., the current plans is to have The Mortician feud with another recent AEW signee, Michael “Heartbreaker” Hickenbottom, who performed in WWE for a stint as Shawn Michaels.

The feud will culminate in a match inside a roofed steel cage at AEW’s inaugural Cell Full of Hell pay-per-view, and is expected to also see the debut of another AEW newcomer, Glenn “Bane” Jacobs. 

Calaway confirmed his signing to AEW today by posting a short video on TikTok, in which he rolls his eyes back in his head and growls: “Anyone who dares cross the path of The Mortician will inevitably relax… in… solace.”

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