MGK wwe
The hulking Machine Gun Kelly was arrested yesterday amid steroid allegations. It took nine officers to restrain him at a Cleveland jail due to what has been deemed "roid rage."

World Wrestling Entertainment announced today that it has severed all ties to Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) after a failed drug test revealed the rapper has used anabolic steroids to achieve his massive, rippling physique.

Rumors have swirled since last weekend’s WrestleMania — where the hulking MGK performed his hit “Invincible” before the match between The Rock and John Cena — that the rapper had used performance enhancing drugs to attain his superhuman proportions.

The internet wrestling community was abuzz last Sunday night with steroid rumors after MGK’s WrestleMania performance: “That guy’s physique is unnatural,” wrote one prominent blogger. “You can’t get that big without going on the juice.”

MGK reportedly submitted a urine sample to WWE doctors prior to his performance, and the tests revealed staggering levels of anabolic steroids, human growth hormones and other controlled substances that contributed to MGK’s freakish musculature.

“As of this morning, WWE has no further affiliation with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly,” said a press release issued by WWE’s corporate communications department. “We wish MGK the best in his future endeavors.”

WWE announced it will continue its fruitful partnership with rapper Flo Rida, who clearly has an all-natural physique.