Wrestling is fake
Local numbskull Charles Finch recently suggested wrestling is fake, but later admitted he was wrong.

In a staggering display of stupidity, local dimwit Charles Finch recently asserted that professional wrestling is a staged spectacle in which the outcomes are predetermined.

Finch made his ridiculous claim at a sports bar where several-dozen wrestling fans had gathered to watch Elimination Chamber — a pay-per-view wrestling competition in which athletic supremacy is determined through the ancient art of grappling.

“This is fake,” said the imbecile, displaying his shocking ignorance about the sport.

“It’s like a soap opera for men.”

Finch’s ludicrous comments were met first with stunned silence, then uproarious laughter throughout the bar. He eventually left the bar in shame after apologizing for his mistake.

Finch is well known locally for his mistaken beliefs. In the past, he has stupidly suggested that the moon landings actually happened, and that humans and apes “evolved” from common ancestry.