raw 1000
WWE has already begun hyping the 10000th episode of Raw, which is still 173 years away.

During the broadcast of the landmark 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw, World Wrestling Entertainment launched a new marketing campaign to promote the show’s 10,000th episode, which will air in the year 2185.

“Monday Night Raw is currently, and will forever remain, the longest-running episodic weekly program on television,” enthused Michael Cole.

“As we celebrate our 1,000th episode, we now begin looking forward to our 10,000th episode!”

The company’s official merchandise site, wweshop.com, has already begun selling t-shirts bearing the words “RAW TEN THOUSAND” and the @WWE Twitter account is encouraging followers to use the hash-tag #RAW10K.

Although the 10,000th episode of Raw won’t air for another 173 years, plans for the show are already taking shape.

Vince McMahon will be thawed from his cryogenic slumber out for a showdown against The Undertaker, who will mysteriously return from the grave for the 44th time.

Vince Russo’s great-great-great grandson will be banned from participating.