wrestling referee wife
Scott Cornellas has, despite all the glaring indications, not noticed his wife cheating on him.

Despite all the obvious indicators of infidelity, professional wrestling referee Scott Cornellas has completely failed to notice that his wife, Sherri, is cheating on him.

Although Sherri has been sleeping with her neighbor for nearly six years, Cornellas has been oblivious to indicators such as a messy bed, the scent of another man’s cologne and the sound of squeaking bedsprings overhead while he’s watching TV downstairs.

Part of the problem is that Cornellas is easily distracted by outside stimuli, such as a stranger standing on his front porch or someone pointing in a given direction.

He is also incredibly frail, and is often knocked out cold by bumping gently into inanimate objects or other people, giving his wife an opportunity to cheat behind his back.

Cornellas was once puzzled to find his neighbour, Jim Parker, hiding in his bedroom closet, but Cornellas merely gave him until the count of 10 leave the house.

Practically all of Cornellas’ friends and colleagues know that his wife is being unfaithful, but Cornellas has apparently turned a deaf ear to their repeated warnings.

Sometimes his wife sneaks out of the house for weeks on end, and Cornellas fails to notice that she has been replaced by her twin sister.