Kaitlyn reads a note from her secret admirer, who obviously likes clunky, three-minute matches.

WWE Diva Kaitlyn has, for several weeks now, been receiving notes and flowers from a secret admirer who is evidently attracted to bad wrestling.

Speculation is rampant backstage at World Wrestling Entertainment as to the identity of Kaitlyn’s admirer, who seems to have a fetish for clunky, three-minute filler matches full of hair-pulling, screaming and sloppy roll-ups.

“Clearly it’s someone who gets turned on by surgically enhanced floozies who couldn’t wrestle their way out of a wet paper bag,” said one backstage source.

“Her secret admirer is definitely not somebody who actually enjoys the art of professional wrestling.”

While some have speculated that Kaitlyn’s secret admirer could be Cody Rhodes, Big E Langston or even Dolph Ziggler, these seem like unlikely candidates, since they value quality wrestling.

It is believed that Kaitlyn’s secret admirer may have become smitten thanks to the Diva’s frequent exposure on Botchamania.