meltzer office
Dave Meltzer shows off a filing system he calls the Meltzertron 2000, which involves a high-powered fan and much loose paper.

Professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has covered the sport for more than three decades without publishing a single known factual error — an accomplishment he credits to the meticulous manner in which he archives his files. 

“When cataloguing the undercards of NJPW house shows,” says Meltzler, “it is vitally important to organize your files thrown in a large heap near the laundry hamper,” said Meltzer.

“When archiving WWE European Championship title matches, on the other other, it is crucial to put printed archives in reverse-chronological order before hurling them in the direction of the cat. 

Meltzer (real name David Hickenbottom) is widely considered the “Walter Cronkite of Professional Wrestling” — a trusted source of true, unbiased reportage on the sport, free of spin or speculation. 

Thanks to what he calls the “Meltzer Method,” he has a wealth of wrestling information at his fingertips: “For example, if I need to know the card of a 1976 event by Don Owens’ Portland promotion, I just have to sift through this stack of yellowed paper I found propping up the dehumidifier.”

Meltzer is a pioneer of the so-called dirtsheets — underground wrestling newsletters named after Meltzer’s bedding — and we really hope he is a good sport about this. 


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