Damien Sandow Cody
Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes secretly hatch a villainous plot, apparently unaware of the full camera crew recording their every word.

A pair of nefarious wrestlers hatching an evil scheme backstage at WWE Raw apparently somehow didn’t notice the camera crew filming the whole conversation.

“With cunning and the element of surprise, we shall assail our foes when they least expect it,” Damien Sandow told partner Cody Rhodes, evidently oblivious to the cameraman, lighting technician, boom mic operator and director standing just inches away.

“Those lackadaisical luchadores Mysterio and Cara will be vanquished!”

Meanwhile, 13,000 fans in the arena watched the entire “secret” conversation on the massive TitanTron, and millions more watched at home.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara were apparently the only people in the arena who failed to see the clandestine meeting, since they were completely surprised when the Rhodes Scholars attacked them later in the broadcast.