Ryblack Ryback
This sign, and 480 others just like it, are currently being made around Pittsburgh.

Nearly 500 wrestling fans in Pittsburgh are frantically working to finish large, colorful signs bearing the word “Ryblack” to hold aloft during tonight’s WWE Smackdown taping at the CONSOL Energy Center.

Hoping to express their wit and up-to-the-minute knowledge of wrestling trends, the 481 fans are snipping and gluing the arts-and-crafts projects in their respective parents’ basements.

The signs, which convey a portmanteau of the words “Ryback” and “black,” are intended to mock newcomer Big E Langston, whose muscular physique and wrestling singlet give him the appearance of an African-American version of popular wrestler Ryback.

Each fan, ironically, believes he will be the only person in the arena with such a sign.

All 481 “Ryblack” signs will inevitably be confiscated by WWE security guards during the dark matches before the broadcast.